The 2nd International Workshop and Congress on eMaintenance

Division of Operation and maintenance Engineering


Welcome to Luleå

Welcome to Sweden, Scandinavia’s northernmost university of technology and the second International Congress on eMaintenance. In addition to an interesting workshop, technical programme and events, delegates will be able to enjoy some of the fascinating attractions of Swedish Lapland, including the Midnight Sun, the Luleå archipelago and the Arctic Circle. You will experience the unique and beautiful white wilderness of Luleå, besides celebrating Santa Lucia day.


eMaintenance is being exploited in many industrial domains, e.g. transport, energy, manufacturing and process. One of the main objectives with eMaintenance is to align the maintenance process with the business and operational processes to achieve organisational objectives. eMaintenance is realised in proper information logistics by enhanced utilisation of Information & Communication Technology (ICT). eMaintenance also supports different interconnected levels in an organisation by provision of an effective and efficient infrastructure for decision-making. The benefits of eMaintenance are reflected in organisations´ overall performance and effectiveness.

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