The 2nd International Workshop and Congress on eMaintenance

Division of Operation and maintenance Engineering

Keynotes and lectures (tentative)

Professor Uday Kumar Luleå University of Technology
Chair Professor Operation & Maintenance Engineering
eMaintenance Challenges & Possibilities
Professor Michael Pecht University of Maryland
Director: CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Center Chair Professor
Prognostics and Systems Health Management for Sustainability
Mr.  Christian Eriksson The Swedish Transportation Administration Railway Research & development eMaintenance in Transport Systems
Mr. Laurence Earl Saab Support and Services Head of Marketing & Sales, Lifecycle Logistics Integrated Logistic Support with eMaintenance
Mr. K. M. Ali Boeing
Director, Maintenance Economics
Status and outlook of eMaintenance in aviation
Mr. Christophe Bordry Airbus Industries
R&D manager,  Aircraft Diagnosis and Prognosis, 
Health monitoring and ongoing initiatives to prepare future aircraft maintenance
Dr. Christian Delmas Airbus Industries Evolution of Aircraft maintenance development
Mr. Tomas Lagerberg ABB
Head, automation technologies, corporate research
Evolution of Aircraft Maintenance
Prof. Raj B. K. N. Rao International Journal of COMADEM
PhD (Birmingham), DTech (Sunderland) Editor-in-Chief
eMaintenance makes Businesss Sense: A State-of-the-Art Review

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